Ziplock and Plastic Bags

Stand Up Pouch
With the food-grade and non-toxic material, stand up pouch has become popular in the flexible packaging industry. It can create a dry environment which will help you store discrete and hygroscopic products such as coffee beans, candies, and cigarettes. Generally, a stand up pouch was designed with different sealing, which will make it easier for you to use the products again.


Being a professional large-scale manufacturer of standing pouch, Hibags provides customers with stand up pouches wholesale services to assist you design your own food packaging . We use non-toxic and harmless advanced flexible packaging materials to manufacture the environmental friendly standing pouch. The stand up bags we offer come in various types: clear standing pouches, stand up zipper pouch, spout pouch, kraft standing pouch, resealable pouches, and plastic zipper pouch.Plus, as a considerate stand up pouch packaging manufacturer, We also offer standing pouch customization service. You could order the size, color and shape of stand up pouch packaging as your practical needs. Moreover, the following services are also within our range of ability: standing pouch printing service, stand up pouches wholesale service, and standing pouch price consultation service.