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Welcome To Reliance International Trading

Reliance International Trading was first established in 2003 in Qingdao, China as a procurement office to help worldwide clients to source for reliable suppliers and manufacturers for their products. But as the business grew, the China office was moved back to Singapore in 2006 for better international connectivity and ease of communication and business trips to the client’s countries.

On Grid Solar Air Conditioner

ACDC On grid solar air conditioner with wall split type, cassette type, floor ceiling type, duct type, multi-split type and T3 type. High efficiency up to SEER36, high quality with 3-5 years warranty, convenient installation, wide voltage design, free combination of solar panels. All climate condition available.

Off Grid Solar Air Conditioner

48V Wall Split DC Solar Powered Air Conditioner with full DC 3D control(adopt world well-known DC compressor, DC indoor fan motor, DC outdoor fan motor), reliable running and high efficiency. easy installation, direct PV 48V powered,no conversion process. All climate and power supply available.

On/Off Grid Solar Air Conditioner

On/Off Grid Wall Split Type Solar Air Conditioner works perfectly under AC only, DC only or AC+DC, high SEER, wide voltage design, works perfectly under normal and T3 tropical climate. Equipped with MPPT PV tracking system, utilize the PV DC power as priority. DC directly power the indoor&outdoor fan motors and the compressor. Wide voltage design, freely use different PV panel configuration according to your installation space.
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